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The Cañonazo

La Cabaña Fort, the biggest one ever built by the Spanish in the Americas, witnesses one of the oldest traditions of the city. Join the locals to enjoy the legendary 9:00 p.m. Cannon Blast Ceremony at La Cabaña Fort.

  • Tour of La Cabaña Fort.
  • Visit to Arms and Fortresses Museum on site, as well as the former Che Guevara’s Commanding Headquarters.
  • Visit to San Carlos Chapel.
  • Join the legendary Cannon Blast Ceremony.
Duration: 2 hours without dinner – 3 hours with dinner
Departures: Monday – Sunday 7:30 PM
The Cañonazo tour Prices
Number of People Hotels in
Old Havana
Hotels outside
Old Havana
Supplement for Lunch / Dinner*
1 32.00 CUC
per person
40.00 CUC
per person
14.00 CUC
per person
Minimum 2 20.00 CUC
per person
24.00 CUC
per person
13.00 CUC
per person
Minimum 4 15.00 CUC
per person
18.00 CUC
per person
12.00 CUC
per person

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* Transfer and services of a tour guide are included. Lunch / Dinner Supplement: Complete Menu with 1 drink in on of the following restaurants: Prado Restaurant at Park View hotel, Castillo de Farnés, Café Mercurio, La Mina, La Zaragozana, Puerto de Sagua, Café Taberna, Al Medina, Prado y Neptuno Restaurant or Mesón de La Flota Restaurant.

** Rates shown are in CUC (Cuban Convertible Pesos). Please note, you will be charged in GBP, based on mid-market rate of exchange on the date of paying.

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